Front-End Developer & UX Designer

Hi, I’m Monica and my experience with design and code is 14 years. I am interested in working as a Front-end developer and am available for hire.

Proficient Coding Languages

As a small child, I discovered my love of coding so I continue to learn new languages in my spare time. Here are the following coding languages I am currently proficient:


My journey with code started at 12 years old, self-taught HTML.


Went on to learn CSS in 2003 and then upgraded to CSS3.


Started using JavaScript code in 2005.


Have over 3 years working with node.js.


Over 3 years utilizing react.js.


Learned PHP at but have been using it to create web forms since 2007.


Looking forward to learning Python next.

monica is a wordpress web designer


Hello, my name is Monica and I am a Front-end Developer and UX designer. My journey in the tech industry began in 2009 where I landed my first client as a freelance web designer.

During that time I have created hundreds of websites built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP.  WordPress became a standard tool in my freelance work when my clients would ask to edit and manage their own websites.

I consider myself a WordPress expert as I have 9 years of WordPress development as a part of my experience. WordPress took me away from my love of coding as I mainly utilized CSS3, a bit of HTML5, a minimal amount of JavaScript and PHP. In my space time I learned React.JS and Vue.js. I continue to learn more coding languages as I continue to work in the tech field to keep my mind fresh and up-to-date. 

Case Studies

My case studies and portfolio showcases a few of my client jobs as well as personal projects I design and programmed for enrichment.

I'm Ready to work. Hire me.

Hire a team player that’s ready to work harder and smarter while continuing to learn and grow along the way.


Monica Byron is a website designer and developer with 14 + years of experience.


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